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Love Unabridged - Issaquah - Company Originals

KIDSTAGE, 2013-2014

Creative Team

Written and Composed  Jackson Johnson, Olivia Marcus, Samantha Mueller, Logan Schmidt, Megan Titus
Writing Mentor  Tony Curry
Composing Mentor  Nathan Young
Director  Eric Polani Jensen
Music Director  Michael Matlock
Stage Manager  Kayley Page
Lighting Designer  Tess Malone
Sound Designer  Haley Parcher
KIDSTAGE Education Manager  Lindsay Lucas
KIDSTAGE Class and Outreach Coordinator  Heather Dacanay
KIDSTAGE Production Coordinator  Brian Nulle
KIDSTAGE Programs Manager  Suzie C. Bixler
Director of Youth Education  Kati Nickerson
Artistic Director  Steve Tomkins
Executive Producer  Robb Hunt


Bree  Chelsea Henak
Chase  Trent Moury
Ivy  Elizabeth Moore
Arthur  Sam Singleton
Charlotte  Emma Radich
Brad  Nat Zang
Autumn  Abby Lewis
West  David Ibarra
Amy  Stella Hermelee
Elaine  Lauren Jennerjohn