Village Theatre Database  


VTDB was created by Cathy Saxton with encouragement from her husband, Tom, and parents, Jim and Barbara Joyce. We have all helped with data entry, and Jim did the lion's share early on. Village Theatre staff has helped with entering information for recent shows, and they also took care of the shows prior to 1999 when we started saving programs.

Tom and Cathy have been attending Village Theatre shows since 1989, and have been mainstage season subscribers continuously since 1994. In 1999, we realized that we often wondered in what other shows we'd seen a familiar performer, so we started keeping show programs at that point. In 2008, we decided it was tedious to have to look through all that paper, so created an online database with the information we had.


You can email us at [comments]. Please keep in mind that we maintain this site in our spare time, as a hobby!


If you have programs from Village Theatre performances that aren't listed here, please let us know if you're willing to lend us the programs so we can get them entered.

There are sometimes typos in the programs or errors in entry into this database. If you notice something wrong, please let us know by sending email to [comments]. Please let us know whether there was a misspelling that should be corrected, or if two different versions of a name should be linked together; in the case of a link, please specify which should be the primary name.

The following names look like different spellings for the same person. If you can positively identify which is the correct spelling (and that they are in fact the same person), please send email to [comments].

  • Dane Andersen / Dane Anderson
  • Lucy / Lacy / Lacey Carnahan
  • Ashlee Clark / Ashlee Clarke / Ashley Clark
  • Chris Galbreth / Galbraith
  • Stephan / Stephen Graham
  • Ella Johnson / Johnston
  • Louann / Louane Lotz
  • Haley O'Strauder / Ostrander
  • Marybeth Pazernik vs. Mary Beth Pazdernik
  • Jim Schermann / Schirman
  • P.J. / PJ Sheehy
  • Eliza Solzbacher / Sulzbacher
  • Montana Tippet / Tippett
  • Annie Torgersen / Torgerson
  • Gordan / Gordon Ullman
  • Meghan / Meaghan Wills
  • Sara / Sarah Wright

The following names look like they're the same person and should be linked together so all their work shows on the same page. If you can positively identify that they are in fact the same person, please send email to [comments].

  • Mark Carr = Mark Jacob Carr
  • Jeff Cook = Jeffrey Cook
  • Matt Durasoff = Matthew Durasoff
  • Ann Evans = Ann Evans Zavada
  • Kenneth Harlow = Kenneth Chin-Shih Harlow
  • Random Harrison = Random Michael Harrison
  • Adrianne Kenady = Ady Kenday (with last name needing correction)
  • Deb Krett = Debbie Krett
  • David Long = David Michael Long (Orchestra vs Cast)
  • Annie O'Connell-Torgerson = Annie Torgerson
  • Rachel Pate = Rachel D. Pate
  • Stanley Perryman = Stanley Wesley Perryman
  • Alyson Scadron-Branner = Alyson Scadron-Wattles
  • Kate Schiller = Katie Schiller