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I'm Doing This

KIDSTAGE, 2022-2023

Creative Team

Writers & Creators  Amani Velada, Colin Albrecht, Ella Heiner, Ethan "E" Case, Hayden Austenberg, Bel Zollman, Jenna Denny, Will Lemcio
Additional Material Written By  Cole Harbak, Risa Walles, Sage Jennings, Teigun Pesce


Aria  Catherine Craig
Blue Davis  Jackson Zimmerman
Adelaide (Adi) Lavigne  Jessica Morgan
Andy Lavigne  Judah Allenton
Danny's Agent, Principal Collins, Martin Smith, Andy's Agent, and others  Melody Smitkin
Mimi  Molly Nyblod
Danny Ripley  Thomas Pierson
Ruby and others  Zoe Dittbrenner


Keyboard 1/Conductor  Michael Matlock
Drums/Percussion  Curt Cheever

Production Team

Lighting Designer  Clint Bull
Sound Designer  Colin Pace
Stage Manager  Brittany Sterling
Music Director  Michael Matlock
Director  Jeremy Steckler
Original Orchestrations  Andrew Pang
Sound Engineer, Cope Gillette Theatre  Colin Pace


Light Board Operator  DJ Dell